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Why a Local Agent is the Best Agent

If you are looking to buyor sell a house or commercial property, one of the best things you can do is to hire a local Realtor who knows the area like the back of their hand.

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you hire a local agent:

They have intimate knowledge of the market
There are some nuances in communities that you can’t readily find on the internet. An agent who lives in the area and has eyes and ears on the ground will be well aware of these nuances even before they show up on any real estate report or website.

For example, even within the same town or city, real estate prices can vary from one neighborhood to another, or even from one block to the next. A local Realtor will know all about this from the get-go, and therefore save you plenty of time in looking for a home that fits your budget. If you’re selling, they can also use this knowledge in coming up with the right price. Non-locals, on the other hand, may depend solely on comps that might be misleading.

A local agent knows the schools, restaurants, churches, and other places that are often important to buyers. Give them your preferences and the agent will instinctively have a good idea on where to find the right home for you. If you’re selling, the agent will know all about the good and not-so-good features about the area, and use that knowhow in marketing your home to the right buyers.

They have a network of reliable local resources

Do you need a contractor to work on home improvements or an inspector to look over a property you want to buy? Or, perhaps, a local attorney who can help you with contracts and other legal issues? A local Realtor can connect you with the most trustworthy professionals in the area.

They are more readily available

You can count on a local Realtor to be available when you need something. As they live in the area, or somewhere very close by, a local Realtor will be able to meet with you more often and help you in preparing your home for sale. They can also arrange viewings more quickly, and be available practically anytime to show a buyer around. Even after the sale, it will still be easy to contact and meet with the agent for help in anything related to the sale or moving into the house.

They can get you a better deal

Homeowners are much more likely to bargain when they know the Realtor or have things in common with them. This can prove to be highly helpful in bringing down the asking price. Most homeowners have an emotional investment in their properties. The Realtor can help convince them that you are the right family that will take care of their home once they move out.

If you’re the seller, you can rest assured that your local Realtor will only link you up with the right buyers. As residents in the area, they also have a stake in the community and will only bring in new residents that they think are a good fit. Additionally, local Realtors will be more motivated to protect their reputation within their own community.

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