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Questions you need to ask before buying a home

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Buying your first home is a milestone, which is why we believe it should be a positive experience, the kind you remember fondly. To help you achieve that memorable home buying journey, preparation is key. Here are five questions to ask yourself before you start looking for a home.

  1. “Why do I want to buy a home?”

    What motivates you to purchase a house? This will shape the entire home buying process, so think of your short-term and long-term goals. Are you looking for a stable place to live? Are you expecting to settle down soon? Are you planning on growing your family?

    By identifying your needs and real estate goals, you will be able to effectively narrow down home choices and find the right neighborhoods, leading you to the property that suits you best. Buy a home for the right reasons, not because you were pressured to or home prices are low.

  2. “Am I ready to become a homeowner?”

    Being a homeowner is quite a responsibility. After all, a house can only last you long if you take care of it well, just like other significant purchases. You’ll need to address issues and repairs, make sure every part of the home gets its regular maintenance, and have an emergency fund set aside for unforeseen circumstances. As a homeowner, you will also be required to pay the relevant property taxes and stay up to date with monthly utilities and the like.

  3. “How long will I be living in the area?”

    If you are relocating from somewhere else, consider the amount of time you will likely spend in your new community. Will you be settling there permanently or are you only staying for a short period of time?

    Purchasing a home would be a better option if you are planning on living in the community for three years or more. If you foresee yourself moving somewhere else for work or other factors, consider renting for the meantime.

  4. “Can I afford to buy a home?”

    Buying a house is a huge financial undertaking. You need to have your finances in order before you commit to such an investment. Check your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, monthly expenses, and savings to get a better picture of your financial capability.

    Some of these factors play a key role in securing a mortgage loan. Take your time to assess your finances and improve the relevant aspects to increase your chances of getting the loan you need.

  5. “What are my mortgage loan options?”

    There are many types of loans out there (adjustable rate vs. fixed rate, etc.), so it can be confusing to shop for one when it’s your first time to buy a home. Click here to learn more about the most popular financing options available in the market.

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