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New Construction

When looking for your “HAPPY HOME” we also specialize in working with builders in several newer subdivisions in our area. We are able to pair you with a builder that will create a home that fits your needs, wants and budget. Weather you are looking to build your First Home or build your Forever Home “The Real Estate Gals” are the ones to build the right foundation for your dream home.

A guide to newly constructed homes

Buying a new construction is one of the options you’ll have when you’re purchasing a home. Whether it’s a newly construction home in a subdivision or a property you’ll be designing and building, make sure to keep the following pointers in mind.

  1. Carefully consider the pros and the cons
    Getting to live in a brand new home is quite the feeling! However, new construction comes with its own set of cons that might have you consider purchasing a resale property instead. For starters, new construction typically do not have the same storage advantages as resales. The cost per square foot of new construction tends to be greater than resale properties. Sapling trees will also take years to mature; your dream garden might not be ready for another couple of years.If the pros of new construction homes outweigh the cons, go ahead with your hunt for the dream home. Your REALTOR® can assist you throughout this decision-making process.
  2. Work with a realtor that specializes in new construction
    Finding a real estate agent with the right skill set and expertise can significantly help the whole home buying process. One key factor you should note among your candidates is whether or not they are affiliated with a local builder. If yes, it’s best to steer clear of this agent. Working with a realtor who is not affiliated with a local builder means he or she will be able to represent your interests.
  3. Don’t skip the home inspection stage
    Protect yourself from unseen or undisclosed issues by having the property thoroughly checked by a professional inspector.

Another way to protect yourself is to secure a home warranty. Although most new homes come with an implied warranty, don’t hesitate to ask questions to make things clear. Make sure all stipulations are clear, especially what is covered and what isn’t.

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