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6 must-have pieces for every home

Wooden chairs at table in bright open space interior with lamp next to grey couch

After looking through many Dumas homes for sale in Texas, you’ve finally decided on buying a piece of property you intend to enjoy in the years to come. As a proud homeowner, it’s now time to furnish and decorate. You’re looking to find the perfect balance of function, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you live in a starter home or a more compact residence to spend your retirement, no residence is complete without the following must-have pieces:

  1. A comfortable couch
    Every living room needs comfortable seating so make sure your couch does the job. Choose the kind of upholstery that suits the needs of your household –durable and spill-proof if you live with an active toddler; plush or luxe if you’re a couple or you live alone. Ask your vendor about care instructions.

    Also, keep the size of your living room in mind. Just because a couch looks big and soft doesn’t mean it will fit your home.

  2. Multi-purpose chairs and tables
    Occasional chairs and tables are another home essential. You can trot them out as needed or use them to add interest to a space. You can use a low stool on which to set an indoor plant or side tables for bowls of nuts or chips if you’re entertaining. Occasional furniture also comes in handy when you throw a backyard barbecue or you need extra seating at the breakfast table when the kids wake up from their slumber party.

    A couple of side chairs, aside table, and an ottoman or a short stoolare some examples of flexible furniture. Ottomans, for example, can also double as a coffee table. When choosing furniture, make sure they can withstand the Texas heat and sun.

  3. An elegant dining table
    The dining table is the focal point of any kitchen or dining room. Find a dining table that fits your space and accommodates your needs.

    The table doesn’t need to be expensive or ornate. It just needs to be sturdy and well-crafted. You can always spruce it up with a tablecloth or a floral centerpiece.

  4. Matching lamps
    Lamps add function and style to any room. Matching lamps provide symmetry and cohesion. While you may dread the matchy-matchiness of the idea, identical lamps positioned correctly can also convey effortless sophistication. Think of standing lamps flanking a couch. Or a fireplace mantel. If you find the layout a bit too formal, add texture and color on your décor and accessories.can ease the formality.
  5. A piece of artwork
    Artwork is the perfect way to showcase your personality and style.It also gives the room a great focal point to draw people’s attention.

    If you’ve got a knack for painting, display some of your original works. For those who aren’t artistically inclined, check out your local art gallery or vintage shop for great finds. There is plenty of affordable artwork for sale online, as well.

  6. A console table
    A console table is a broad term for a narrow table typically placed against the wall. This is used to break the monotony of a room while adding storage.

    These tables come in various designs, some are completely bare while others have built-in cabinets and drawers. You’ll be able to choose something that can fit with the look you’re going for.

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